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what my father taught me…

Many years ago, back when my father spent most of his days working in the photography business he and my mother owned and operated (the kids still just call it “The Studio”), one of the package printers stopped working. Continue reading


i can see the light!


Day 18 and I am at the 30,000 word mark!  I might actually finish this thing…



College costs

Here is a great article on college costs that reinforces a point I made a few posts back.

Could This 2013 Nobel Laureate Afford College Today?

By Chris Mooney & Indre Viskontas

What We Know Now (and How It Doesn’t Matter)

radical eyes for equity

Randy Olson’s Flock of Dodos (2006) explores the evolution and Intelligent Design (ID) debate that represents the newest attack on teaching evolution in U.S. public schools. The documentary is engaging, enlightening, and nearly too fair considering Olson admits upfront that he stands with scientists who support evolution as credible science and reject ID as something outside the realm of science.

Olson’s film, however, offers a powerful message that rises above the evolution debate. Particularly in the scenes depicting scientists discussing (during a poker game) why evolution remains a target of political and public interests, the documentary shows that evidence-based expertise often fails against clear and compelling messages (such as “teach the controversy”)—even when those clear and compelling messages are inaccurate.

In other words, ID advocacy has often won in the courts of political and public opinion despite having no credibility within the discipline it claims to inform—evolutionary biology.

With that…

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I taught at the worst school in Texas –

I taught at the worst school in Texas –

hello world!

This is just a short post to begin my blogging career in the field of education techniques, news, and reform. Time permitting, there will be articles and blog posts on a daily basis for any who are interested in the state of education in this country.

Stay tuned!


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